Course Overview:

This one day course is designed to introduce you to fundamental cloud computing and AWS security concepts including AWS access control and management, governance, logging, and encryption methods. It also covers security-related compliance protocols and risk management strategies, as well as procedures related to auditing your AWS security infrastructure.

This course is in our track to securing AWS technologies.
CL-411: AWS Technical Essentials
CL-413: AWS System Operations
CL-421: AWS Security Fundamentals
CL-424: AWS Security Operations and Architecture

Attendees to CL-421: AWS Security Fundamentals will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.

TechNow CL-424: AWS Security Operations and Architecture class immediately follows this course in the schedule so that you can take both courses in the same week. We also offer a discount for attending both classes in the same week!!

Duration: 1 Days

This course is intended for:
• IT business-level users and professionals interested in cloud security practices
• IT auditors, analysts, and regulators
• Security professionals with little or no working knowledge of AWS

DoD 8140: Not Mandated

Course Prerequisites:
This course assumes you have the equivalent experience or have taken the AWS operational courses that are in the TechNow AWS track.
CL-411: AWS Technical Essentials
CL-413: AWS System Operations

Course Objectives:
This course teaches you how to:
• Identify the security and compliance benefits of using the AWS cloud.
• Discuss the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.
• Describe the access control and access management features of AWS.
• Use AWS services for security logging and monitoring.
• Describe data encryption methods to secure sensitive data.
• Describe AWS services used to protect network security.
• Describe the basic steps to ensure strong governance of your AWS resources.
• Identify AWS services used to maintain governance of control environments.
• Use the AWS audit features.
• Explain how to audit an AWS environment.
• Explain the AWS compliance and assurance programs.
• Describe how AWS audits and attestations validate that security controls are implemented and operating effectively.


Date/Time Event
09:00 -17:00
CL-421: AWS Security Fundamentals
TechNow, Inc, San Antonio TX
09:00 -17:00
CL-421: AWS Security Fundamentals
Tech Now, Inc., San Antonio TX

Course Outline:
This course covers the following concepts:
• Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS Security
• Access Control and Management
• AWS Security: Governance, Logging, and Encryption
• Compliance and Risk Management

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