Course Overview:

Solaris 10 Security provides enterprise-class features to help you protect your applications and your data. Security Administrators can minimize and harden Oracle Solaris 10 to implement a secure foundation for deploying services. The Configuring Security on the Solaris 10 Operating System class provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement these features and customize security on Oracle Solaris 10 systems.

Attendees to S-395: Configuring Security on the Oracle Solaris 10 OS class will receive TechNow Approved Course materials and extensive hands-on experience with Solaris 10. 


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Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives:

  • Solaris Security Services
  • Hardening Solaris Systems
  • System Protection with SMF
  • File System Security
  • Privileges and Role-Based Access Control
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules
  • Solaris Cryptographic Framework
  • Key Management Framework
  • Auditing
  • Solaris Network Security
  • Configuring and Using Trusted Extensions


  • Administer users, packages, and applications on Solaris 10 Systems
  • Administer networking and routing on Solaris 10 Systems
  • Describe basic system and network security concepts
  • Administer services and zones on Solaris 10 systems


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