Course Overview:

In this course, developers learn the fundamental skills that are required to design and develop object-oriented applications for the web and Microsoft Windows by using Microsoft Visual C# .NET & the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment.  This course provides an alternative entry point for less experienced programmers who are not familiar with object-oriented design and programming with Windows or the Web.

Attendees to MS-2609: Introduction to C# Programming with Microsoft .NET will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.


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Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding C# Fundamentals
  • Creating Objects in C#
  • Implementing Object-Oriented Programming Techniques in C#
  • Programming with C#
  • Building .NET Applications with C#
  • Using ADO.NET to Access Data
  • Creating Windows-based Applications
  • Using XML Web Services in a C# Program
  • Creating a Web Application with Web Forms
  • Application Setting and Deployment
  • Exploring Future Learning


  • Experience with object-oriented programming and concepts are not required for this course. 
  • Before attending this course, students must have familiarity and comfort with basic operating system functions such as file manipulation. 
  • Understanding of the basics of structured programming, including concepts such as flow control, variables and parameters and function calls. 
  • Students must also have at least three months experience developing applications in either a graphical or non-graphical environment or equivalent knowledge.



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