Course Overview:

This course covers all aspects of installing, configuring, tuning and administering Orion Network Performance Monitor, its Modules including Server and Application Monitor and integration with the SolarWinds Engineers Toolset.

Duration:  5 Days

Prerequistites: It is expected that delegates are familiar with basic networking concepts and terminology.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand SNMP, its versions and operation including MIBs and OIDs
  • Understand the components of Orion and its licensing model
  • Install Orion NPM, APM, IPAM, NCM, NTA, IPSLA, UDT & SEUM
  • Perform discovery, import data and manage information gathering
  • Manage Accounts and Views
  • Interpret chart data
  • Configure and run reports
  • Configure Alerting
  • Troubleshoot issues and identify resolutions
  • Tune system for optimum performance

Course Outline:  

Day 1

  • Introductions
  • Installation of Orion NPM
  • SNMP, MIBs, OIDs
  • Network Discovery & Node Management
  • Web Server Configuration, Charts, Network Atlas, Accounts and Views
  • Custom properties, Groups and Dependencies

Day 2

  • Universal Device Pollers, Alerting & Reporting
  • Syslog & Traps
  • Tuning Orion

Day 3

  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
  • Application Performance Monitor (incl. WMI)
  • IP Address Manager

Day 4

  • Network Configuration Manager
  • User Device Tracker
  • Synthetic End User Monitor
Day 5
  • Server and Application Monitor
  • Network Topology Mapper



Latest comments from students

User: daskey

Instructor comments: Bill did a great job. Labs were integrated with a lot of hardware and the TechNow Cyber Range represented great scenarios for working with Solarwinds!


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