TechNow has a Go Green culture

Energy consumption is one of the best ways that the IT sector can Go Green. TechNow has made a concerted effort to reduce its energy consumption. Our challenge is deploying thousands of images a year, from a base of over thirty different images, supporting a range of eight different operating systems. TechNow has a very successful Go Green implementation and can help you get there, if you would like to learn more please feel free to contact

The following areas have helped TechNow Go Green with reduced energy consumption:

  • Software Development – Imaging software that is twice as fast as ghost, less time – less energy, and implements an agent insuring power down during off hours
  • Virtualization – Consolidating servers into virtual machines and operating from a single diskless virtual machine server
  • SAN – Centralizing all file requirements to a single location, high availability through Wake-on-LAN powered down alternative boot system
  • Diskless workstations – Utilize operating systems that have a long history of natively working in a diskless environment
  • Off hour power down – Student systems are powered down during off hours; staff systems are diskless, powered down, and patched on the SAN
  • Lights Out Administration – TechNow servers are managed by off-site techs accomplished through:
    • Remote BIOS Management with KVM over IP switches
    • Intelligent Remote Power Management through IP power strips
    • VPN for administrative IP access
    • Serial Switch for RS-232 console access to all network devices
    • Dialup: Out-of-band access to Serial Switch, KVM, and IP layer connectivity

Other TechNow Go Green efforts have included:

  • Selecting hardware through EPEAT
  • Providing a water cooler instead of bottled water
  • Implementing Green Printing software and policies
  • Utilizing non Windows based operating systems that do not short term the life of hardware
  • Streamlining any printed marketing materials to reference our website
  • Insuring recycling containers are available
  • Cycling old equipment to local charitable organizations
  • Banning styrofoam from the office