Course Overview:

This course delivers the technical knowledge, insight, and hands-on training to receive in-depth knowledge on Wireshark® and TCP/IP communications analysis. You will learn to use Wireshark to identify the most common causes of performance problems in TCP/IP communications. You will learn about the underlying theory of TCP/IP and the most used application protocols, so that you can intelligently examine network traffic for performance issues or possible Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Duration: 5 Days


Anyone interested in learning to troubleshoot and optimize TCP/IP networks and analyze network traffic with Wireshark, especially network engineers, information technology specialists, and security analysts.

Course Prerequisites:

We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisite:
• Network+

Dates/Locations: No Events

Course Outline:


Course Set Up and Analyzer Testing

Network Analysis Overview
Wireshark Functionality Overview
Capturing Wired and Wireless Traffic
Define Global and Personal Preferences for Faster Analysis
Defined Time Values and Interpret Summaries
Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics to Identify Trends
Create and Apply Display Filters for Efficient Analysis


Follow Streams and Reassemble Data
Use Wireshark’s Expert System to Identify Anomalies
TCP/IP Analysis Overview
Analyze Common TCP/IP Traffic Patterns


Graph I/O Rates and TCP Trends
802.11 (WLAN) Analysis Fundamentals
Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis Fundamentals
Network Forensics Fundamentals


Detect Scanning and Discovery Processes
Analyze Suspect Traffic


Use Command‐Line Tools

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