Course Overview:

The course teaches students to use the sort, grep, sed, & awk utilities within Unix. Systems administrators, Unix users, & programmers benefit from the course showing them how to use the command line applications of sort, grep, sed, & awk commands as well as using sed & awk scripts that develop the users skills with the full power of these utilities.

Attendees to TN-223: Advanced Shell Programming will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.

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Duration: 3 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Sorting files by line or field
  • Regular Expressions (meta character) with grep commands to locate specific lines in files
  • Performing non-interactive editing tasks with the sed command
  • Writing simple sed scripts to perform complex editing tasks
  • Using awk variables & arrays to sort data
  • Employing awk programs to manipulate numeric & textual data
  • Performing formatted printing in awk
  • Writing simple awk programs to write reports from data files
  • Using built-in awk functions & defining new functions
  • Write awk programs that make decisions based on numeric or string comparisons (branches & loops)
  • Grep, egrep extended metacharacters, combinations-lab advanced combinations- lab Sed
  • Basic commands- Lab, Advanced commands- Lab, Advanced scripting -Lab
  • Miscellaneous commands Tr, sort, cut, paste, pr -Lab


  • TN-125: Introduction to UNIX & Linux
  • TN 215: Shell Programming.
  • Students should have a basic knowledge of UNIX commands including rm, cp, man, cat, & mkdir. Navigating directory structure using commands such as ls, cp, & pwd. Creating and editing files with the vi editor or text editor. Use of basic programming constructs, & commands such as variables & loops & how to write a simple program in a programming language.



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