Course Overview:

In this course, the students will design various data platform technologies into solutions that are in line with business and technical requirements. This can include on-premises, cloud, and hybrid data scenarios which incorporate relational, NoSQL, or Data Warehouse data. They will also learn how to design process architectures using a range of technologies for both streaming and batch data. The students will also explore how to design data security, including data access, data policies, and standards. They will also design Azure data solutions, which includes the optimization, availability, and disaster recovery of big data, batch processing, and streaming data solutions.

TechNow has worked worldwide enterprise infrastructures for over 20 years and has developed demos and labs to exemplify the techniques required to demonstrate cloud technologies and to effectively manage security in the cloud environment.

Attendees to DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.


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Course Duration: 3 days

Course Outline:

  • Data Platform Architecture Considerations
  • Azure Batch Processing Reference Architectures
  • Azure Real-Time Reference Architectures
  • Data Platform Security Design Considerations
  • Designing for Resiliency and Scale
  • Design for Efficiency and Operations

Prerequisites :

      • In addition to their professional experience, students who take this training should have technical knowledge equivalent to the following courses:
      • AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
      • DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution


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