Course Overview:

This course, TN-385: TCP/IP Analysis & Implementation, provides students with a comprehensive technical introduction to TCP/IP & the interworkings of TCP/IP application to UNIX, Linux and Windows in a network environment.  This course begins by providing a comprehensive protocol stack analysis.  It continues with extensive hands-on exercises needed to configure TCP/IP on UNIX and Windows based networks.

Attendees to TN-385: TCP/IP Analysis & Implementation will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.


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Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives:

  • A thorough comprehension of each level of the protocol stack
  • Configuring UNIX & Windows to access internetworks
  • Configuring & setting up a Cisco router
  • Properly implementing subnets to avoid ongoing maintenance headaches
  • Routing & routing protocols, RIP, OSPF, and IGRP
  • How to troubleshoot a wide range of routing problems
  • All major TCP/IP application services including: FTP, TELNET, SNMP, NFS, DNS, DHCP, & WINS
  • How to avoid common internetworking problems
  • How to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks using protocol analysis techniques – snoop on Sun Workstation & Network Monitor on Windows.
  • How to design, build, configure, & manage TCP/IP internetworks
  • Applying a structured methodology for troubleshooting TCP/IP internetworks
  • ACL's on Cisco routers


  • Students should have good end-user skills in TCP/IP (FTP, TELNET, RLOGON,  & MAIL).


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