Course Overview:

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to implement a Microsoft SQL Server database. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server product features and tools related to implementing a database.

Attendees to MS-6232: Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server Database will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.


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Duration: 5 Days

Course Objectives:

  • Creating Databases and Databases Files
  • Creating Data Types and Tables
  • Creating and Tuning Indexes
  • Implementing Data Integrity by Using Constraints and Triggers
  • Using XML
  • Implementing Views
  • Implementing Stored Procedures
  • Implementing Functions
  • Implementing Managed Code in the Database
  • Managing Transactions and Locks
  • Using Service Broker


  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL
  • Working knowledge of relational databases
  • Some experience with database design


Latest comments from students

User: bangbangsplat

Instructor comments: some kind of presentation would have been helpful in learning the objectives of the course (PowerPoint, drawing on easel, etc.) It seemed like the instructor is not too familiar with the error codes we were receiving during the Practice Exams.

Facilities comments: preferred to have the location located in a less busy area of the city

User: smaxam

Instructor comments: Clay was very knowledgable but had to repeat questions a number of times to get his attention.

Facilities comments: Holiday Inn was nice

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