Course Overview:

The System Administration I for Red Hat course is designed for IT professionals working to become full-time enterprise Linux system administrators. This course gives the student direct experience with the most essential system administration tasks in the Red Hat. You will be instructed in crucial system management skills including: configuring network interfaces, client set up of network protocols, managing local disk devices, installation, package management, performing system boot procedures, grub and controlling system processes.

Attendees to RH-245: Linux System Administration I will receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.

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Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives:

  • Installation
  • Manage File Systems and Local Disk Drives
  • Perform Mounts and Unmounts
  • Perform System Boot Procedures
  • Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel
  • Control System Processes
  • Perform User Administration
  • Installing and Managing Services
  • Perform Package Administration
  • Client Setup of SSH and Printing



Latest comments from students

User: mlspence

Instructor comments: Bill was awesome! He did a fantastic job teaching the course mater to everyone in the class. He made sure everyone was able to keep up and that they understood the material before moving on. Thanks!

Facilities comments: They were great as well

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