Course Overview:

The  UNIX Security Administrator Prep is a hands-on course that covers how to secure and audit UNIX and Linux operating systems. This includes concepts such as Rootkits, Buffer overflows, and monitoring UNIX/Linux systems.

Attendees to TN-959: Unix Security Administratorwill receive TechNow approved course materials and expert instruction.


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Duration: 5 days

Course Objectives:

  • AIDE
  • Apache
  • Best Practices for Kernel Tuning and Warning Banners
  • Boot Services
  • Chroot()
  • DNSSec
  • Evidence Collection and Preservation
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Forensic Preparation and Incident Handling
  • Host Based Firewalls – iptables
  • Intro to Forensics
  • OS Install and Patching
  • Physical, User Account, and Password Access Control
  • Se Linux
  • Sendmail
  • SSH
  • Stack Smashing
  • Sudo
  • Syslog-NG
  • UNIX Logging

Course Prerequisites:

  • GSEC or equivalent experience
  • UNIX, Windows, networking, and security experience
  • This is a hands-on skill course requiring comfort with command line interaction and network communications



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